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About this project

I conceived of this project in late 2011/early 2012.  The first item created - related to this project - was the Facebook group, created in late 2011.  The main goal of this project is to create a list of 1000+ cool or positive or interesting items related to Sri Lanka (in Sri Lanka presently, existed in the past, or people and items related to Sri Lanka existing anywhere in the world).  This list will be presented on the web as several websites (Facebook group, this blog, a main website for the project) and will be presented in the regular world as a physical book (and also an e-book).  I think this list, including brief descriptions of items, related photographs, video, music, etc would be very interesting to people from Sri Lanka, and people interested in Sri Lanka world wide.  It will be a record of, and a celebration of, an interesting aspect of the human experience on Earth.  I expect all of the above mentioned elements of this project to be completed within 2012.

UPDATE:  Final list completed in 2016.  Being posted - one or several items a day - currently. - 8/28/16 note

- Sujewa Ekanayake


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